The Railway Inn, Boundary Road, Portslade BN41 1GA
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Railway Roots

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This is the sort of thing that happens here!

Take a look at this video, taken at Roy Bailey's most recent gig at Railway Roots!

Railway Roots Night means:

  • Live words, music and performance...
  • In a capacious back room in a pub: the newly-refurbished Railway Inn in Boundary Road, Portslade, right by the station...
  • Usually on the first Thursday of every month, from 8pm to 11pm...
  • Occasional mid-month specials...
  • The Railway Inn serves Harveys' fine ales...
  • And admission is £7 minimum.

Who could ask for more?

Performers will include both a (paid) guest, and a featured (unpaid) support act, so consequently floor spots need to be booked in advance - email if you are interested in doing a support act.

Admission is on the basis of first-come, first-served on the night. The minimum cost of entry is £7 per person; but if you are not unwaged / a student / skint for other reasons / a floor performer, a voluntary donation over and above that sum would be much appreciated.

The resident is Robb Johnson (thoroughgoing singer-songwriter). Floor performers are very welcome.

"And isn't it funny the excitement generated by the raffle? Like me, buying a ticket for £1, so I can win a bag of sweets that are worth £1, that I don't want, in order 2give 2my son, who I don't want 2eat them, yet I'm excited and delighted when I win!" (Jo Chedgey)

Railway Roots Next Event

Thursday 7th February: Daria Kulesh

 Attila the Stockbroker appears at Railway Roots on Friday 11th January 2019

With her striking voice and strong Russian and Ingush heritage, "bold, exotic, impressive" Daria Kulesh is a rising star and a unique character on the UK folk scene.