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We looked at the weather, and talked with John Ward, and we reckoned the wisest option was to cancel the 1st March Roots Night. Apologies.

But now we have been able to re-schedule, and both the John Ward Trio and the support act the Cheer Up Mollys will appear on 5th July.

So we won in the end!

Railway Roots Night means:

  • Live words, music and performance...
  • In a capacious back room in a pub: the newly-refurbished Railway Inn in Boundary Road, Portslade, right by the station...
  • Usually on the first Thursday of every month, from 8pm to 11pm...
  • Occasional mid-month specials...
  • The Railway Inn serves Harveys' fine ales...
  • And admission is £7 minimum.

Who could ask for more?

Performers will include both a (paid) guest, and a featured (unpaid) support act, so consequently floor spots need to be booked in advance - email if you are interested in doing a support act.

Admission is on the basis of first-come, first-served on the night. The minimum cost of entry is £7 per person; but if you are not unwaged / a student / skint for other reasons / a floor performer, a voluntary donation over and above that sum would be much appreciated.

The resident is Robb Johnson (thoroughgoing singer-songwriter). Floor performers are very welcome.

"And isn't it funny the excitement generated by the raffle? Like me, buying a ticket for £1, so I can win a bag of sweets that are worth £1, that I don't want, in order 2give 2my son, who I don't want 2eat them, yet I'm excited and delighted when I win!" (Jo Chedgey)

Railway Roots Next Event

Thursday 3rd May: Grace Petrie

 Grace Petrie appears at Railway Roots Night on Thursday 3rd May 2018

Grace Petrie began performing in 2006 as a solo vocalist and acoustic guitarist, and self-released an eponymous album that year, followed in 2007 by a second. In 2010, the advent of the Conservative-led coalition government influenced Grace towards an increasing emphasis on politically-focused songwriting, from a left-wing perspective...