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And you can now forget about our performances being on the Thursday before the first Friday of every month - from now on it really is the first Thursday of the month (except for every January when it is the second Thursday) (except for January 2019 when it is the second Friday!). Much easier than before!



Launched into public consciousness by legendary Radio One DJ John Peel in 1982/83, Attila the Stockbroker has spent over 35 years touring the world as a self-sustaining DIY one-man cottage industry, performing well over 3000 gigs in 24 countries and releasing 40 LPs/EPs/CDs and 7 books of poetry.

He toured East Germany four times before the Wall came down and twice more immediately afterwards, was involved in the first ever punk performance in Stalinist Albania and had to turn down playing in North Korea because he was already booked to tour sensible old Canada.

So, here in even more sensible old Hove, you are in for a thoroughly enjoyable evening!


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 Attila the Stockbroker appears at Railway Roots on Friday 11th January 2019

Attila the Stockbroker




MATT HILL and KIRSTY McGEE: Thursday 7th March

Combining skillful flatpicking with lyrical wordplay, Matt Hill's albums have been praised for their emotional qualities, their honesty and the way they connect with the listener. Inspired by the storytelling traditions of folk and country music, he brings a contemporary element to these traditional forms. Over 15 years, four albums and hundreds of performances he has gained a reputation as an understated yet powerful solo performer delivering a live show that is emotional, political, occasionally angry but nearly always gentle and human.

Kirsty McGee and Matt Hill have been friends for about 20 years, as they both forged their own paths and careers as musicians and songwriters. Yet in all that time they have seldom performed together. In 2018 they've put that right with a European tour that tooke in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the UK. The two old friends promise an entertaining and intimate show and a special evening of solo and collaborative song.


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 Matt Hill and Kirsty McGee appear at Railway Roots on Thursday 7th March 2019

Matt Hill

Kirsty McGee


PHIL ODGERS: Thursday 4th April

Phil "Swill" Odgers is one half of the legendary joint vocal strike force of UK folk rebel rockers The Men They Couldn’t Hang, and is of course also known as leader of The Swaggerband.

Audiences around the world from Cairo to Reykjavik, Brisbane to Vancouver and Berlin to London have submitted to his effervescent and heartfelt vocal style in stadium, theatre, hall and after-hours lock-in.


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 Phil Odgers appears at Railway Roots on Thursday 4th April 2019

Phil Odgers


LEON ROSSELSON: Thursday 2nd May

Leon Rosselson started writing songs seriously (and humorously) in the early 1960s and hasn't stopped yet. His early songs were topical-satirical (some of them were featured on TV's satire show "That Was The Week That Was") but he broadened out from there, absorbing different influences, from Music Hall to French Realist Song, and experimenting with different song forms.

He has performed in every conceivable venue around the country and toured North America, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and Australia. He has written songs and scripts for Inter-Action's Dogg's Troupe and the Fun Art Bus, songs for a stage production at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, of "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" and shows for performance with Roy Bailey and Frankie Armstrong, including the anti-nuclear No Cause for Alarm.

His song "The World Turned Upside Down" has been recorded and popularised by, amongst others, Dick Gaughan and Billy Bragg (who took it into the pop charts in 1985) and has been sung on numerous demonstrations in Britain and the USA. His Ballad of a Spycatcher, ridiculing the ban on Peter Wright's book, went into the Indie Singles charts in 1987 in a version backed by Billy Bragg and the Oyster Band.


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 Leon Rosselson appears at Railway Roots on Thursday 2nd May 2019

Leon Rosselson