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And you can now forget about our performances being on the Thursday before the first Friday of every month - from now on it really is the first Thursday of the month (except for January when it is the second Thursday). Much easier than before!

  • Thursday 4th October: David Rovics
  • Thursday 8th November: Pete Atkin (support from Sally Ironmonger)
  • Thursday 6th December: Christmas knees-up


David Rovics: Thursday 4th October 2018


David Rovics was born in New York City, and as a guitar-slinging singer/songwriter now based in Portland, Oregan, has toured in over two dozen countries, including at mass protests throughout North America and Europe.  In addition to his musical involvement with the anticapitalist movement, labour, environmental and antiwar movements internationally, he has shared the stage on a number of occasions with Tom Morello, founder of Rage Against the Machine. He has also shared the stage with Billy Bragg, Chumbawamba, Joan Baez, and Pete Seeger, and has toured extensively with Attila the Stockbroker, Anne Feeney, Tracey Curtis (see above), Alistair Hulett and our own Robb Johnson.


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 David Rovics appears at Railway Roots on Thursday 4th October 2018

David Rovics

"Absolutely brilliant. David Rovics says exactly what needs to be said" - Ian McMillan, BBC

Pete Atkin: Thursday 8th November

Pete Atkin, who is now a pretty regular visitor to Railway Roots, began writing songs with Clive James when they were both part of the Cambridge Footlights in the late 1960s — by any standards an exciting time to be involved in music. Clive and Pete found that they shared a love of the energy of contemporary pop and rock and roll combined with a regard for the achievements of the great Tin Pan Alley songwriters such as Rodgers and Hart, Cole Porter, the Gershwins, Johnny Mercer, and they saw no reason why these traditions should not be brought together, no reason why the words shouldn't matter as much as the music, no reason their songs' subject matter should be limited to arms and charms and moon and June.

The result was the beginning of a large catalogue of remarkable songs which found a growing audience through the half dozen albums Pete went on to make in the 1970s, plus many appearances on John Peel's legendary Radio 1 show, and live gigs at universities and folk clubs all over the country.

But although that partnership is now history, Pete still writes and performs superb songs on his own, as you will hear tonight. Don't be late - Pete's shows tend to sell out very quickly, and we do not offer advance tickets.


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 Pete Atkin appears at Railway Roots on Thursday 8th November 2018

Pete Atkin