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And you can now forget about our performances being on the Thursday before the first Friday of every month - from now on it really is the first Thursday of the month (except for every January when it is the second Thursday) (except for January 2019 when it is the second Friday!). Much easier than before!


Leon Rosselson: Thursday 2nd May

Leon Rosselson started writing songs seriously (and humorously) in the early 1960s and hasn't stopped yet. His early songs were topical-satirical (some of them were featured on TV's satire show "That Was The Week That Was") but he broadened out from there, absorbing different influences, from Music Hall to French Realist Song, and experimenting with different song forms.

He has performed in every conceivable venue around the country and toured North America, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and Australia. He has written songs and scripts for Inter-Action's Dogg's Troupe and the Fun Art Bus, songs for a stage production at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, of "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" and shows for performance with Roy Bailey and Frankie Armstrong, including the anti-nuclear No Cause for Alarm.

His song "The World Turned Upside Down" has been recorded and popularised by, amongst others, Dick Gaughan and Billy Bragg (who took it into the pop charts in 1985) and has been sung on numerous demonstrations in Britain and the USA. His Ballad of a Spycatcher, ridiculing the ban on Peter Wright's book, went into the Indie Singles charts in 1987 in a version backed by Billy Bragg and the Oyster Band.

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The Seema Tree

The Seema Tree is a three piece indie band (rhythm guitar, double bass and drums) with a thirst for music who enjoy playing original heart felt songs in their own eclectic manner.

This will be an intimate solo set by singer/songwriter front woman Seema who weaves tales about people she's met, places, communities and time. Her gentle voice and rhythmic tunes draw you in to elegant hard hitting lyrics of love, sorrow, fear and joy.

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 Leon Rosselson appears at Railway Roots on Thursday 2nd May 2019

Leon Rosselson



Bats Feet, John Diment and Kristina Stazaker: Thursday 6th June

BatsFeet are Worthing’s third best crypto-social ukebilly protest folk-goth collective, with a van full of instruments and hearts full of songs. BatsFeet are coming to rock your town and spread the word, or at least accompany your drinking.

Singer and songwriter John Diment appears solo tonight, but is usually a member of John D Revelator, a left-wing folkabilly band from the south west swamplands of England. This is gallows humour at its most good time, the Groans of the Britons on the upbeat. We may be ruled by an uncaring elite but there’s always time for one more lost weekend in a field before the Revolution kicks off.

Kristina Stazaker has been bringing her unique solo and acoustic sounds to crowds to the UK since 2015. Showcased as "feministic anti-folk which nobody can actually describe", her muses have roots in old-time folk, punk and alternative indie. Her captivating performances take the audience back to when deep, nature and primal instinct ruled our lifestyles. The performances take you from the woodland to the sea and the time signature changes provide turbulence in the audiences' journey. 

Kristina's vocals, which change from Celtic-origins to raw anger, keep the audience on their toes and wondering what she will do next. Promoters and stage managers have commented on her musicianship and her drive to make the event a success.

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 BatsFeet appear at Railway Roots on Thursday 6th June 2019


 John Diment appears at Railway Roots on Thursday 6th June 2019

John Diment

 Kristina Stazaker appears at Railway Roots on Thursday 6th June 2019

Kristina Stazaker

Mat Callahan and Yvonne Moore : Thursday 4th July

Mat Callahan is a musician and author originally from San Francisco. Recent projects include the re-publication of Songs of Freedom by Irish revolutionary, James Connolly, the recording and publication of Working Class Heroes and the launch of Songs of Slavery and Emancipation.

Yvonne Moore is a singer and band leader originally from Schaffhausen. In addition to recording numerous albums of her own music, Moore is co-founder and treasurer of the Association "Art in History and Politics." Her exploration of the songs of Sarah Ogan Gunning led to the making of Working Class Heroes.


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 Mat Callahan and Yvonne Moore appear at Railway Roots on Thursday 4th July 2019

Mat Callahan and Yvonne Moore