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All dates are the first Thursday of the month - except for every January when it is the second Thursday!

  • Thursday 7th November: Roger Stevens
  • Thursday 5th December: Robb Johnson
  • Thursday 9th January: Kev Minney
  • Thursday 6th February: Boo Hewerdine; support from Taylor Lalley
  • Thursday 5th March: To be announced
  • Thursday 2nd April: To be announced
  • Thursday 7th May: To be announced
  • Thursday 4th June: Na-Mara
  • Thursday 2nd July: To be announced
  • Thursday 6th August: Closed for the summer holidays
  • Thursday 3rd September: Frankie Armstrong
  • Thursday 1st October: To be announced
  • Thursday 5th November: To be announced
  • Thursday 3rd December: To be announced


Roger Stevens: Thursday 7th November


Roger Stevens was given his first plastic guitar when he was eight years old and, although he couldn’t play it, was frequently seen sitting on his garden wall serenading bemused passers-by.

Piano lessons, a real guitar and several years later found him playing jazz at home and Rolling Stones inspired music in a beat group with friends from school.

A fellow college student introduced him to folk music and now, fifty odd years later, after playing in two comedy rock bands, a Deep Purple tribute band and in the author Ken Follett’s band with Floella Benjamin, we again find him playing acoustic gigs with his guitar. Often to bemused passers-by.

He has made three albums with Robb Johnson’s Irregular Records, all to good reviews: I Don’t Wish to Alarm You, The Position of Jupiter and We Are Now Approaching Hassocks.

Tonight Roger will be playing songs from these albums as well as a few new ones. Playing with him will be Charlotte Glasson on flute and violin, Ray Knight on harmonica and Michael Whitehead on cajon.

It’s also highly likely that Roger (who in his other life is an award-winning poet and author) will be reading a couple of poems and telling a few very bad jokes.


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 Roger Stevens appears at Railway Roots on Thursday 7th November 2019

Roger Stevens


"Roger's songs are contemporary, relevant and laced with a dash of humour" - R2 Magazine

"Roger Stevens tackles the weird stuff that doesn’t get into the charts anymore… a world where eccentrics come out to play" - Boff Whalley

"It’s difficult to pigeon-hole his style, but if you can imagine a more cheeky, rather more humorous, version of Leon Rosselson, you’ll have some idea what to expect." - The Folk Diary

Robb Johnson: Thursday 5th December


It is the tenth anniversary of the release of your host Robb's album "The Ghost of Love", and he will be performing it tonight, along with John Forrester and Linz Maesterosa.

Mary says: "Jesus Christ, I'm pregnant!"

A bleakly humorous, ironic commentary on the festive season, its myths, rituals and realities. Twelve songs that tell the story of Mary, an unmarried mother of God (possibly) from Feltham (definitely), and her relationship with Gary, carpenter and Brentford fan, and their two children, Jay and Jimmy, through the various Christmases they share as their children grow up from 1991 to 2009.


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 Robb Johnson appears at Railway Roots on Thursday 5th December 2019

Robb Johnson


Kev Minney: Thursday 9th January 2020

Born and raised on the rough edges of a Northampton council estate, Kev found a new love for the acoustic guitar, singing, and songwriting at the age of 30. Before this time he spent many years as a music teacher and session guitarist, garnering over a million views on YouTube. Completely changing his musical direction was a risk he was willing to take, as this time he knew it was exactly what he was going to spend his life doing.

Fast-forward five years, he has recorded an EP All You Need (2015) in New York at Old Soul Studios, a debut album Stories of the Sky (2017) and a second album Modern Stories (2019). Both albums were recorded with a Mercury-nominated producer in Brighton, UK and were supported by grant awards from Arts Council UK.

He has toured internationally, playing some of the UK's and Europe's finest venues. His debut album Stories of the Sky has gained over 200,000 streams on Spotify, and his animated video release for the single Dark Stars has over 50,000 views which has received great praise.


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 Kev Minney appears at Railway Roots on Thursday 9th January 2020

Kev Minney

"Beautiful and intelligent" - Folk Radio


Boo Hewerdine: Thursday 6th February 2020


Boo Hewerdine is an English singer-songwriter and record producer. His work includes lead singer and creative force behind The Bible, formed in the 1980s, and reformed in 1994, as well as solo recordings and work for film. He has also produced records by several artists, including a long association with Eddi Reader.


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 Boo Hewerdine appears at Railway Roots on Thursday 6th February 2020

Boo Hewerdine

"One of Britain's most consistently accomplished songwriters" - Colin Irwin, BBC

Na-Mara: Thursday 4th June 2020


In recent years, Na-Mara (Rob Garcia and Paul McNamara) have built an enviable reputation for fine story-telling and musicianship , performing in venues and festivals across the UK, at events in France, Spain and Germany and on BBC Radio 4 and a plethora of internet and local radio stations. They consistently deliver new and exciting material to folk audiences with their own provocative material in traditional style on contemporary and historical topics; their English translations of songs from Breton, French and Quebecois traditions; and their take on traditional tunes from Brittany, France and the Spanish Celtic regions of Asturias and Galicia.


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 Frankie Armstrong appears at Railway Roots on Thursday 3rd September 2020


"Na-mara write fantastic songs and the stories grab you from the start..." - Folk London

"N-Mara specialise in considered translations of songs from the French-speaking world, but even better are Paul's original songs exhibiting a keen sense of history." - fRoots


Frankie Armstrong: Thursday 3rd September 2020


We are delighted and honoured to welcome the great Frankie Armstrong to Railway Roots. She has worked with leading figures of the folk world such as Louis Killen, Ewan MacColl, Bert Lloyd, Peggy Seeger and Sandra Kerr - and, of course, with our own Robb Johnson, as part of the Anti-Capitalist Roadshow.

Since 1962, she has built up a repertoire of British songs and ballads, which, along with contemporary British songs, still form the basis of her musical vocabulary. Her repertoire consists of rural, industrial, music hall and contemporary songs – both her own and those of other songwriters such as Sandra Kerr, Leon Rosselson and Bertolt Brecht.


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 Frankie Armstrong appears at Railway Roots on Thursday 3rd September 2020

Frankie Armstrong

"Her voice conveys utter conviction and great humanity. She is an incredible story teller and has me on the edge of my chair listening to Tam Lin even though I've heard it dozens of times." - Maggie Holland, fRoots